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 VALMA MOLDS is a company dedicated to the design and construction of molds for thermoplastic injection and light alloys, our specialty is manufacturing automatic unscrewing molds, specialty in which we cover a long experience of more than thirty years, the constant realization this type of mold, has made place important position in the national manufacturing all our molds in our installations in Barcelona (Spain), and consolidating our position as a company well known in the manufacture of molds and exporting to Europe and South America. our manufacturing systems we have to economize our clients the construction of their molds, and reduce the cost of your project, making all types of injection molds for plastic industry facilitated our customers to ignore this essential part in the execution of their and project their center in other aspects, leaving all responsibility for design, prototyping, manufacturing, and delivery pruebasde piece mold or small series to us. 


We offer the possibility of working with your company, being able to send any part model or 2D and even 3D prototypes for your messenger or email for further budget, we serve your company or project and for advice by our technical department .