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Moldes Valma

MOLDES VALMA is dedicated to the design and manufacture of thermoplastic and light alloy injection moulds.
Our expertise lies in the manufacture of AUTOMATIC UNSCREW MOULDS, which we have specialised in for over thirty years. Our extensive work on this type of moulds has made us Spanish market leaders, consolidating our position as a highly respected manufacturer of moulds, and exporting to clients throughout Europe and South America.

Our highly efficient manufacturing systems have helped our customers economise in mould design and manufacture, thus reducing their overall project costs.
Outsourcing the manufacture of all types of injection moulds for the plastics industry has meant our customers can dispense with this absorbing, though essential part of their projects and so focus their resources on other aspects, leaving all design, prototyping, manufacture, mould testing and delivery of single parts or short runs to us.


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MOLDES VAMA currently supplies a very broad range of industries.

SSince our expertise lies in automatic unscrew moulds, and as we are able to manufacture injection moulds for any industry, our possibilities are unlimited, meaning that our clients proceed from a wide variety of sectors.

The excellent results of our work, along with our commitment to quality and delivery dates, means our clients return to us time and time again, and more than 30 years experience in these industries means we have thorough, first-hand knowledge of all their technical requirements.






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