Although we are able to manufacture any thermoplastic injection mould, over the years we have made ourselves known in the sector for our speciality in AUTOMATIC UNSCREW MOULDS, and so now between 80% and 90% of our moulds feature the automatic unscrew systems that we design, as well as all other types of moulds ordered from us.

In addition to common moulds, we specialize in:

All our products are subjected to rigorous quality controls in order to ensure benchmark excellence.

Our in-house norms demand that if the client does not require otherwise, all the materials we use shall be of the very highest quality, treated and rectified as per their properties. This makes certain that both the life of the mould and our customer’s production is guaranteed.

Whether we manufacture our moulds at our workshops in Barcelona, or if the client requires them to be manufactured in Asia, in principle we manufacture them with the following three types of steel.


The first group consists of low-temperature steels 1-2738, 1-2312, and SP 300, supplied with hardness between 28-32 HRC, which are not recommended for heat treatment because the hardness of these steels as supplied bestows them with a mechanical strength between 900 N/mm2 to 1300 N/mm2.


In the second group are steels 1-2367 and 1-2767, supplied annealed, of which resistance to wear can be increased, reaching a hardness of up to 56 HRC.


The third group is stainless steels, which is divided into:

  • 2316 – Tempered, with hardness between 28 and 32 HRC 1–2316.
  • 2317 – Annealed, with hardness between 220 and 250 HB: 1–2190, 1–2083 E.S.R.

The condition of our moulds as supplied is always tested on injection machines that are the same or very similar to those the mould will be used in. We thus avoid having to run in the moulds at our clients’ facilities, so preventing unnecessary costs. We also deliver them with a pre-series of parts so that our clients can provide them to their final customer.

We send our clients a weekly mould building schedule which is also valid for the internal organization of the client’s own schedule. This is part of our discipline and in this way the client can track the manufacturing during the manufacture of the moulds, especially in those cases where moulds are to be delivered outside Spain. Distance is thus never an adversity.

We offer an individualized manufacturing warranty in writing for each mould that we manufacture, with a memory of qualities and thermal treatments.

Our moulds are guaranteed for years and for long-term production. At present there are moulds that have been working for over 25 years and are still being used for manufacturing runs. This is valuable for our customers, and they always come back to us as we are able to offer them the best prices, the shortest manufacturing times and a level of quality that prevents stoppages, and long start-ups.

All our moulds are delivered with a dossier with information of thermal treatment, steels and the mould project, so that once the mould is finished and shipped out of Europe, our customers have all the technical information to take these moulds to another supplier and make modifications to the 3D models of the initial project.

We also collaborate with all mould manufacturers who contact us for technical documentation on the moulds we have manufactured, making it easy for our customers to manage and modify their moulds once they have left our facilities.

We advise our clients on the best hot runner systems. We have worked with 11 different makers to date, and we have considerable experience manufacturing our own systems that have proved to be very successful.

We usually go to our clients’ facilities to present our projects for their moulds, even travelling to Latin America and North America. This is the best way to offer our customers every guarantee for their moulds before even starting manufacture.

We also invite our potential customers to our facilities covering their travel expenses, picking them up at Barcelona airport and transferring them to our facilities to organize the manufacture of their moulds at one single meeting. We have even taken our clients to China to visit the facilities there, so offering total transparency and assurance.